Michael J. Doyle
CPA, Principal

Responsible for property financing and all accounting practices, including cash and financial planning of all projects and partnerships.  Mr. Doyle is a Certified Public Accountant with an extensive accounting background with PricewaterhouseCoopers and his own firm, Doyle & Associates, Chartered. He served as the due diligence officer for the securities firm Folger, Nolan, Fleming, Douglas, Inc. in Washington, D.C. 

Mr. Doyle has over 35 years of experience in commercial real estate; specializing in multi-family projects as an owner, partner, and investor.  This includes overall management of several thousand units as well as securing financing for all SMG’s properties. 

John S. Newsome
MBA, Principal

Responsible for acquisition and sales. Mr. Newsome, along with Mr. Doyle, established Stanford Management Group, Inc. and SMG Property Management, Inc. to oversee the acquisition and management of commercial real estate properties.  Since the founding of both corporations in 1988, Mr. Newsome has overseen the property management of SMG’s portfolio, while Mr. Doyle has overseen the asset management of SMG’s properties. 

Mr. Newsome has over 25 years of experience with Equitable and Maryland National Bank in Baltimore.  His expertise and experience include heading the National and International lending areas, the formation of Cash Management Services, and heading all commercial bank operations.

Mr. Newsome is also responsible for the acquisition and development of properties, including raw, industrial and residential lands, multi-family, office buildings and shopping centers.

Greg Sullivan
Chief Accounting Officer

Mr. Sullivan is responsible for all accounting, budgeting and financial reporting with SMG Property Management.  With more than 12 years in the multi-family property management industry, Mr. Sullivan has acquired solid finance skills.  He brings to every task the essential breadth of experience necessary for the job.  He has extensive experience in scaling and creating robust accounting systems that serve the needs of growing businesses.  He has significant experience in all aspects of business valuations and he also brings a significant wealth of accounting experience, including tax preparation and compliance for several states in the United States. 

Joseph A. Arena
Senior Financial Analyst 

Mr. Arena has over 40 years of experience as CEO and CFO with both public and private companies.  His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, integration of business entities, financial reporting, internal controls, cash management, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and other finance and accounting related skills.

Nicole Jackson
Executive Assistant/Regional Manager

Mrs. Jackson is the Executive Assistant and Regional Manager for SMG Property Management.  She is responsible for managing the Partners’ day to day needs, with flexibility and executive skill.  In addition to this role, she is responsible for providing general administrative support to the office personnel, managing Human Resources for the company as well as special projects for the entire portfolio. 

Mrs. Jackson’s career in residential property management has spanned over 20 years and she has held multiple positions in the industry, ranging from A/R Specialist to Regional Manager.  She manages properties in the Sarasota and Jacksonville, FL areas as an efficient and versatile professional, Mrs. Jackson has the knowledge and background to ensure all day to day operations are met and exceeded. 

Alina Copelan
Director of Training

Ms. Copelan has been in the corporate training field since 2015 and is responsible for improving the productivity of SMG's employees. She is accountable for cross departmental coordination and presentation of training and development programs for all employees, with a particular focus on onboarding and learning plans. Ms. Copelan assesses region-wide training to create a cohesive curriculum that can be used across departments. Her responsibilities include; managing the roll out of SMG's property management software system to all employees, conducting assessments of current training, creating training documents and videos, conducting technical and soft-skill training, initiating an organizational change program which focuses on continuous learning, and collaboration with all regions for best practices and harmonization of training programs.

Jim Hudson
Managing Director

Mr. Hudson is the Managing Director of SMG Property Management and enjoys over 22 years of residential property management experience.  He has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry. Mr. Hudson currently has oversight responsibilities of Regional and Assistant Regional Managers based in Virginia and Florida. Additionally, he manages more than 900 residential units located throughout Michigan and Ohio.  Mr. Hudson is responsible for all facets of residential management including preparation of annual budgets, financial cash flow forecasting, P&L statements, property tax appeals, HR as well as management and marketing plans.  Jim is an experienced team builder and has a proven track record of increasing NOI thru identifying additional revenue opportunities and controlling expenses.  He excels in assessing a property’s potential, capital needs and opportunities for repositioning. 

Vince Grote
Regional Property Manager

Mr. Grote is Regional Property Manager to the properties in Gainesville, FL, in addition to overseeing our Maintenance Program and Inspections at all SMG properties.  Mr. Grote’s career in residential property management began in 1999 when he was honorably discharged from the Air Force and started work as a Maintenance Technician.  Since then, he has held many positions in the industry and received several awards for his work in property management.

Angela Waters
Assistant Regional Property Manager

Ms. Waters has 18 years of Property Management experience in residential property management. She has held a number of positions in many different aspects of the industry including Multi-Site Management, Assistant Regional Property Manager, Software Implementation & Training, Commercial Property Management, Public Housing, and Tax Credit & Section 8 Housing. She currently holds designations with the National Apartment Association as a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) & National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP).  Ms. Waters is currently the Assistant Regional Property Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region, which has properties in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. She was also awarded by SMG Property Management Best Management in 2015.

Pamela Pomeroy
Marketing Manager

Ms. Pomeroy joined SMG as the Marketing Manager in June of 2018. She has over 10 years of experience in Administrative and Management roles covering a range of different industries. In her positions, Ms. Pomeroy is responsible for the development and direction of SMG’s online advertising and social media presence. This includes reputation management for each of the communities in our portfolio. She studied Accounting at Florida State University and utilizes her background in finance accompanied by her creativity to drive the focus of SMG’s marketing efforts in a progressive and profitable manner.​