SMG is a full-service management provider for owners of multi-family assets offering the following expertise:

  • Professional On-site Management
  • Recruitment and Training of all Team Members
  • Financial and Operational Reporting
  • Annual Operating Budgets, including Marketing and Business Plans
  • Leasing and marketing plan for the coming year which details projected rental increase recommendations as compared to area competitors
  • A line-by-line projection of each revenue and expense item enabling net operating income to be accurately projected and maximized
  • Capital repairs and replacement program
  • Review of pertinent legal, environmental and engineering issues
  • Collective Purchasing Power Program
  • Supervision of Construction or Rehabilitation programs
  • Due Diligence and Underwriting Services
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Consulting/Asset Management
  • Investment and Financial Services

Professional On-site Management

As operators of multi-family properties, we understand the importance of the day to day operations; it all starts at the front line and with the on-site management team. We manage each asset as if it were our own, focusing on resident relations, superior service, building value and trust in the community, and maintaining good relationships with area businesses and vendors - all that require a unique hands-on approach.

Our expert team of corporate professionals provides the constant communication and supervision to the on-site teams, providing them the direction, training and most importantly the support to be successful in managing every community as if it was their own. The end result is a professional management team maximizing the potential of each asset.

Recruitment and Training of all Team Members

As a leader in the multi-family industry, we recognize success starts with the right people. We are persistently recruiting experienced professionals to join SMG's team of experts. We understand the importance of a quality and dedicated management team, and constantly provide them the training and tools to be successful. All hired staff members undergo a rigorous background, drug testing and criminal conviction screening and workers’ compensation post injury drug retesting. We strive to hire, train and develop the best team members in every market to effectively manage and operate each of our assets.

Financial and Operational Reporting

While we recognize that there are many facets of the day-to-day operations of managing communities, two of the most important requests we find clients demand is open communication and transparency. Our qualified team of professionals understands the importance of effective and frequent communication, in addition to providing accurate and timely reports to our clients. The type and frequency of operational and accounting reports are customized to accommodate each client’s specific needs. Our fully engaged accounting team provides cash management, financial controls, cash or accrual basis accounting, comprehensive reporting, timely replacement reserve requests and audit preparation for each property and/or client.

To ensure that SMG presents all entity financial information properly, our accounting team follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set forth for the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB).

A system of internal controls are in place that allows for an effective accounting system to monitor reports, protect sensitive financial information, assist the company to set clear goals, protect valuable assets and make accurate projections.

SMG utilizes Entrata "Property Management Software", a web based online software with an open Application Programming Interface (API) compatibility to integrate with numerous third party vendors. Entrata is multifamily's fastest growing property management software, with its sophisticated yet intuitive online cloud based software. This system assists their clients and provides the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds through innovation, productivity, cash flow, and return of investment. 

Unlike many property management software companies currently on the market, Entrata is designed to centralize property activity into one seamless program. Entrata's all in one web based application provides automated online leasing, resident management (including online residential payments, online work order capabilities, and inspection manager functions), resident verifications, advanced purchasing along with invoice routing, budget control, and structured financial reporting. This comprehensive package allows owners and managers to utilize one application at any given time to manage diverse portfolios simultaneously. As a business owner, you have continuous access via the internet to your portfolio with live on demand business data to evaluate the productivity of your asset and provide real time business decisions. 

At SMG our number one goal is to provide a comprehensive report package that provides each of our clients the accurate information they need. We provide flexibility in providing our clients with what they need individually to make timely and precise decisions. The following are just a few standard reports we offer: 

  • Weekly and Monthly Management, Leasing, and Financials Reporting 
  • Owners Executive Investment Reporting
  • ​Marketing Analysis Reporting and Surveying

Annually we work with clients to develop and implement a business plan and operating budget for each community, which may include the following:

  • Leasing and marketing plan for the coming year which details projected rental increase recommendations as compared to area competitors
  • A line-by-line projection of each revenue and expense item enabling net operating income to be accurately projected and maximized
  • Capital repairs and replacement program
  • Review of pertinent legal, environmental and engineering issues

Collective Purchasing Power Program

It is true, power is in the numbers. Through successful strategic relationships with regional and national vendors we are able to provide a consistent supply of quality products to the properties, with the lowest possible prices as well as vendor rebate programs to our clients. All this flows straight to the bottom line.

Supervision of Construction or Rehabilitation Programs

Our team of professionals has experience in many degrees of renovation; ,capital improvements and value add programs. We have excellent skills in assessing a property’s potential in a submarket to determine the capital needs or opportunities for repositioning through a value add program. Combined with our in-house team and our relationships with many local and national contractors we can provide the professional guidance and oversight from start to finish.

Due Diligence and Underwriting Services

Our management team is able to provide due diligence services and analysis to allow you to make an informed decision as you grow your portfolio. We have the ability to work directly or in unison with your asset management team to handle all aspects of a complete physical unit-by-unit inspection, providing detail on the overall condition of the unit interiors, lease audit, maintenance service history, capital needs, and market overview. We use third party companies for environmental and engineering reports and surveys. All of this information is thoroughly and timely compiled in a comprehensive Due Diligence Package so you have the information and details to evaluate and make an informed decision on your acquisition. We would be happy to provide you the complete checklist of Due Diligence services.

Insurance/Risk Management

SMG knows managing your insurance costs goes hand in glove with a strong proactive risk management policy. From regular property inspections, community involvement and thorough unbiased reporting, we work to ensure that every dollar of your insurance premiums bring value to your asset with the coverages, deductibles and stable insurance providers you can depend on. Because of our diverse portfolio base with assets in several desirable states whose total insurable value exceeds $200,000,000, our insurance program features the following:

  • Safety training to minimize incidents
  • Reduction of incidents to minimize claims thereby reducing insurance premiums
  • Evaluation of property coverage’s and proper identification of named insured’s
  • Review and owner advocacy of pending claims
  • Control of insurance premiums through global policy purchasing power
  • Individual stand-alone property bids, inclusion in master property, general liability or Umbrella policies, or a combination of both
  • Monitoring and owner advocacy of litigation and settlements
  • Assessment of workers’ compensation claims.

Let’s face it, even with all these tools in our arsenal the unexpected can happen. To give you peace of mind, SMG provides both professional errors and omission insurance and theft coverage to ensure that your hard earned dollars remain working for you.

Investment and Financial Service 

The current cap rate spread between asset classes and market tiers within Florida relative to the 10-year Treasury, along with evidence of stabilizing operations in class B assets, creates a compelling investment opportunity for diligently vetted value-add strategies. If you would like more information on investment opportunities or how we can assist you in financing strategies, please contact us directly. 

Executive Summary

Management Services



SMG Property Management, Inc. was organized in Maryland in 1988 to manage apartment and commercial income properties acquired by the Company's founding principals. In 1994, the Company relocated its headquarters to Lakewood Ranch, Florida. The Company operates regional offices in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Jacksonville, Florida; and Gainesville, Florida, managing numerous owned as well as fee managed properties throughout Ohio, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan. 

SMG manages all of its income producing properties with the principal focus of its efforts on maintaining high occupancy and collections along with keeping expenses at or below budgeted amounts. At the same time, stressing physical property appearance and being updated to reflect the needs of a changing client base. SMG stresses strict adherence to company policies and procedures with an emphasis on resident, owner, and investor services. SMG prides itself on its ability to react in a timely and efficient manner to changes in the real estate marketplace. 

SMG grows through acquiring properties in which its principals make equity investments in partnerships and limited liability corporations with co-investors. SMG acquires properties to provide its investors ongoing cash flow, capital appreciation, and inflation protection. SMG's investors expect the company to know when to buy, refinance, and sell, and how to best preserve and grow their investment dollars.